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The Gamer's Guide To Leveling Up In Life

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Learning The Controls of Your Mind

  • Who is in control of your mind?

    • Do you have the controller or have you given it to someone else?​

    • Have you noticed some self-sabotage in your life?

  • In what ways can you take back control?

    • What can you cut out of your life?

    • What can you introduce to your life?

      • podcasts, books, courses, youtubes, new friends, positive thoughts

  • Start to be more consciously aware of these influences in your life, as you notice them address them!​​​

Character Customization

  • How are you customizing your character?

    • Are you trying to fit in?​

    • Are you expressing yourself and having fun?

  • Are you taking care of yourself?​

    • physically and mentally​

    • how is what you are doing or aren't doing affecting your self-esteem confidence and progress towards your main quest?

  • Are you surrounding yourself with characters who will help you take on difficult challenges, encourage you to be your best self, and help you progress toward your main quest?​

Main Quest and Side Quests

  • What is your Main Quest, 10-year goal? 

    • To achieve this where do you need to be in 5 years?​

    • To achieve this where do you need to be in 1 year?

    • What monthly goals do you need to complete?

  • What daily actions do you need to take to start making progress toward your main quest?

  • What are the side quests in your life?

    • Are they helping you progress toward your main quest?​

    • What are you gaining from your side quests?

  • Are you focusing too much on your Main Quest, and are under-leveled for it?
    Are you focusing too much on side quests and not making progress like you should?​

The Importance Of Rewards

Task: Take note of how you are rewarding yourself right now.

  • Are your rewards moving you toward your main quest?

  • Are your rewards contributing to your character's strength, health, and intellect?

  • Are your rewards allowing you to take on tougher challenges?

  • Are your rewards allowing you to enjoy your life more, and experience more things?

If the answers are no, then consider how you can change this, what will be some ways you can reward yourself that will contribute to your real-life progression?​

The Difficulty of The Game

Consider these questions…

  • Are you giving up when things get tough?

  • Are you under leveled, or trying to take on to difficult of challenges for where you are?

  • How can you take your failures and turn them into learning experiences so that you can become more successful?

Boss Battles

  • What are the major "bosses" in your life?​

  • Are you ready to take on these bosses or do you need to level up your character more?​

  • Are you adapting your strategy when you fail, or are you taking the same actions over and over again and expecting different results?

  • Who can join your raiding party and help you take on the bosses you are facing?

Power Leveling

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