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A Vision of the Future

There is a very powerful part of our mind, the subconscious, that loves images and emotions. When we create a vision board and put it in a place that we will see every day (I have mine set as my desktop background) this part of our mind notices and starts to take in all of the images.

When these images become familiar enough, the subconscious will be drawn to them because it will see them as safe. It is important to note that the subconscious is always scanning its environment for images, words, and actions, trying to determine what is the "safe card" to play.

This means that if you have negative images, words, and actions continually flowing through your life, then it is very likely you will be drawn to the negative. Yes, you heard that right. The subconscious will do everything in its power to help you fit in with the negative, even if it has to sabotage your success so that you end up unhappy, diseased, and broke.

So is the subconscious mind broken?

No, in fact, it is working exactly how it should. You are alive and that is the main goal of the subconscious mind. The problem is we as a society are not taught this information and there is an abundance of negativity that surrounds us.

Without this knowledge, we do not know how we are influenced by our surroundings. We also do not know that our conscious minds, the mind that you are reading this with, is supposed to protect our subconscious mind.

Yes, it is your job to decline the negative and to welcome the positive to your life. The good news is that it is not too late to make changes!

So ask yourself...

Do you want a life where you are depressed, sick, and poor?


Do you want to live your best life where you are, happy, healthy, and wealthy?

You and only you have the choice. However, you do not need to tackle this alone. I have extensively studied the subconscious mind, and I am a certified Freedom From Self-Sabotage Coach. I specialize in helping others understand this information so that they may move into their best lives.

Email me and we can set up a FREE 30-minute strategy call, where I can explain the process and answer questions you may have.

Also please feel free to use anything from my vision board in the creation of yours!

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