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Are Vaccines Safe And Effective?

Many people believe that vaccines are the reason for the decline in illnesses, such as Polio, TB, Measles, and Influenza. Vaccine manufacturers market vaccines this way to gain acceptance from the masses. Would you believe me if I told you that they were not the reason these diseases declined? There is data and scientific journals that back this claim…



You may be asking if vaccines were not the cause of the decline, what was? Multiple things had changed such as sewage disposal, water treatment, food safety, organized solid waste disposal, hygienic practices (e.g. food handling and handwashing), and getting rid of DDT (an extremely harmful chemical that used to be considered safe “settled science”). The CDC even attributes clean drinking water as the main change that caused a decline in disease (check the CDC’s website linked at the bottom of the page). It was only when they became entwined with the pharmaceutical industry, that the CDC started pushing vaccines.

Vaccines have never been proven to be safe or effective. If you know how vaccines work, they use toxins like thimerosal (mercury), aluminum, and formaldehyde to weaken the immune system. These toxins enter directly into our bloodstreams bypassing our protective systems such as our liver and kidneys. When toxins are in our bloodstreams our bodies have an extremely hard time dealing with them and vital parts of our body are left defenseless, such as our brain. Pair these toxins in the vaccines with the rise of toxic foods and products in our society and it makes for a deadly situation. When the toxic load in our bodies is high, our bodies become acidic. If you did not know diseases, viruses, parasites, molds, and funguses thrive in acidic environments. Our immune systems are then weakened at this point because our bodies must use all its energy to try to eliminate the toxins.

Some ingredients that I did not mention are also included in many vaccines are aborted fetal cells (both animal and human) and pig gelatin. Many people don’t know that they use aborted fetal cells in these vaccines. Could this be part of the reason that abortion is promoted so often in our society? I personally don’t want any toxins, aborted fetal cells, or pig gelatin injected into my body.

Another important question to ask: what is the health of the pigs that big pharma manufacturers get this gelatin (fat) from? Toxins are stored in fat, to keep the body safe. Commercially farmed pigs eat things like plastic, sawdust, roadkill, food grown with roundup (an extremely dangerous chemical), and who knows what else. My point is the ingredients they use are toxic to the body and against many of our morals. Speaking of morals, what about all the children that have been damaged due to vaccines? There have been many vaccine injuries that do not get reported or are ignored. Many times, those we call “anti-vaxxers” have had a family member or someone close to them fall ill, become injured or even die due to the vaccine and/or a compromised and weakened immune system.

You may be thinking how come the vaccine manufactures are not being sued and put out of business? They are being sued; however, they have protection from a law that was passed back in 1986. This is the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which may sound like a good thing from its name. This act however limits the liability of the manufactures. Even if they make it to the point that the court decided there is a case (not very likely and is expensive) the max the manufactures can get sued for is $250,000 (it also prohibits awards for punitive damages). $250,000 is not much money if you realize that the vaccine business is worth around 60 billion dollars. Now think about this, the amount paid out for vaccine injury cases is almost at 4.5 billion dollars as of September 1st, 2020. If you want to see the statistics for yourself, check out the HRSA link at the bottom of the page.

What exactly are the “adverse side effects”? The possible injuries you may sustain when getting vaccinated are troubling, to say the least. There are minor side effects like headache, dizziness, fever, irritability, vomiting, sore throat, cough, rashes, joint pain, muscle pain, and swelling. However, there are also very scary symptoms like seizures, arthritis, bronchial spasm, pancreatitis, vasculitis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (an autoimmune disease), deafness, Retinitis (can lead to blindness), Panniculitis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome (a severe skin disease), encephalopathy (brain disorders), and sudden death.

If you did not know about these “adverse reactions” it is not entirely your fault. Vaccine inserts are supposed to be given to us or at least offered every time you or a child gets vaccinated so you can know the risks. How often are you offered one? Has the doctor ever told you they are safe? We want to trust that our doctors know what is right for our bodies and that they wouldn’t lie to us. Sadly, doctors are either ignorant to the dangers or are willing to risk your health for a paycheck. The schooling they’re required to go through doesn’t talk much about vaccines except that they are safe and effective. The schooling system and course work is created by big pharma and vaccine manufacturers. There is an obvious bias in what they learn and that is why it is so important that you do your own research and look at the vaccine inserts. In the vaccine inserts they state they are not safe for pregnant women, yet they are pushed to vaccinate. Ask yourself: are you willing to risk all these side effects for you or your children and inject yourself with toxins for a possible health benefit that hasn’t been proven?

When someone wants to inject something into my body, I expect that they have gone through all the proper steps and followed the scientific method. Part of following the scientific method is having a control group. For example, you test unvaccinated against the vaccinated to see the health differences. Would you be surprised to hear that they have never done this? Not once…

There is a court case where they ask a CDC representative this exact question and they say no they have never done it. Why do you think this is? They know that the child who is not vaccinated is going to be healthier on every level compared to the one that is injected with these toxins. I will add the YouTube clip below of the court case where they ask the representative from the CDC this exact question. Why is the scientific method not followed, a basic easy method that everyone is taught in school? Do they really care about factual science here? They say they care about our health, however, do not take the proper time and procedures to make sure everything is safe and effective.

One of the top advocates and funders of vaccines is Bill Gates. Why then did he not vaccinate his kids? A leaked admission from the Gates own personal physician in Seattle said exactly this… “The doctor reportedly told his colleagues, “I don’t know if he (Gates) had them vaccinated as adults, but I can tell you he point blank refused to vaccinate them as children.” I wonder if Gates knows something about vaccines that the public doesn’t? Other countries that are the testing grounds for many vaccines have come to find there are severe problems associated with them.

In 2014 the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association became suspicious of the vaccines they were getting from the Gates foundation and so sent multiple batches to be tested. “Researchers discovered that the vaccines that were being administered to 2.3 million African girls were full of HCG, an antigen that causes miscarriages and sterilization.” In India Gates was pushing human trials of the HPB, Cervarix and Gardasil vaccines on remote tribal children there years ago. This vaccine if you do not know is for STD’s that are 100% preventable if you practice safe sex. “Five children died immediately after receiving the Gardasil shot and many more became violently ill” said authorities in Andhra Pradesh, India. Many US states are pushing to make Gardasil mandatory for all females. Vaccines would not have to be mandatory if they were safe and effective like they are claimed to be.

This information may scare you and you probably don’t want to believe it. I recommend you look for yourself, below I have added links that go over all this information. Remember there is better protection against diseases and viruses, and it is your immune system. Take proper actions to promote your immune system and you will have nothing to worry about. In my other posts and videos, I explain different steps you can take to achieve a strong immune system. Feel free to check them out on my website below.

If you are struggling making changes and looking for assistance I am here to help. I specialize in overcoming self-sabotage and I can provide way to increase your health naturally and easily with no negative side effects. I can explain to you why we self-sabotage and how to overcome it with a simple yet powerful method. Each session is personalized to the individual, and I provide one-on-one support. I believe if we want to change the world, we first need to look inward and change ourselves for the better.

Choose to Power Up your life, you deserve more!

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This is a link to a vaccine insert for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella they have listed ingredients and adverse reactions.

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Bill Gates Did Not Vaccinate His Own Children

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Court case where the CDC representative says they have no studies with a control group of vaccinated vs unvaccinated

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The documentary Vaxxed, which has many doctors come forth to talk about the issue. They have also release Vaxxed II.

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A free documentary series called the truth about vaccines comes out on October 13th

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