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Are You Committed To Your Dreams And Goals?

There is a difference between being interested and committed. If you are only interested when things get hard or you encounter some resistance you are likely to give up. However, when you are committed you will not give up, instead, you will find a way forward.

A committed person will try several things such as; different approaches, seeking out new information, enlisting the help of a mentor/coach, etc... When they encounter resistance, they know that whatever obstacles they face are worth enduring to achieve their dream.

Often the difference between a committed person and someone who is only interested is how much thought and emotion they have put into their dream.

For instance, when you think about your dream is it is important to imagine how you would feel when you are living your dream. Are you happy? Do you feel successful? Are you working? Are you surrounded by your kids? Can you hear them laughing? Where are you living? What is the temperature like? Can you feel the warm caress of the sun?

Beyond how you feel, imagine how achieving your dream can benefit others. It is possible your dream is to help others. If not, imagine how your family members may benefit. Does your spouse have to work at that job they dislike? Are you and your family able to go on vacations?

These are all important things to think about, and there are many more. It is a great mental practice, but most importantly it will give you the motivation to be committed to your dream because you know that it is worth it.

One of my dreams is to help others break free from self-sabotage so they can achieve their dreams and goals. One way I am working towards this dream is by hosting a FREE Zoom Seminar which will cover the basics of self-sabotage, on January 23rd at 10:00 AM Mountain Time.

Join me and together we can work towards our dreams! Send me an email at to get on the Zoom Invite list.

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