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Chasing a Dopamine High

Three years ago, my main goal was to find my next dopamine high. This looked like drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, drinking energy drinks/sodas, watching tv, playing video games, or eating junk food. I was running away from my problems, and sedating myself so I did not feel any pain. I did have moments when I realized I was pursuing the wrong things in life, however, my attempts at making changes always seemed to fail. I felt stuck, and so I continued to chase my next dopamine fix even more.

My rock-bottom moment was moving back in with my parents, after accumulating lots of credit card debt. I had lots of free time to think about what I did want out of life, and I came to realize I did not want to be stuck any longer. I went about making changes like eliminating caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, junk food, reducing tv/video games, and focusing on investing in myself instead. I still found making these changes hard and constantly found myself sabotaging my success.

I then came across information about self-sabotage. This is exactly what I needed to commit to the changes because it gave me a fundamental understanding of why self-sabotage occurs and how to prevent it from happening. I have now been working towards my dreams and goals every day. I read books, workout, eat healthy, meditate, and I don't run from my pain anymore. I feel pain in its entirety so that I know what I need to change, and understand that my old life does not work for me any longer.

The information about self-sabotage I had learned was so impactful to me, that I decided I wanted to share this information with others. This is why I decided to become a Freedom From Self-Sabotage Coach. My goal is to empower others to break free from their cycles of self-sabotage, just like I did. I know many people are stuck in the same repetitive cycle that I was in because this information is not common knowledge.

If this information interests you, please contact me we can discuss this information further in a 30-minute strategy call, free of charge.

Email me or DM me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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