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The truth behind the dangers of the vaccine are being hidden intentionally from the public. I know many people do not want to believe this, as this would mean that the systems, agencies, and people who are supposed to protect us are not protecting us. Unfortunately ignoring this situation won't make it go away, instead, it just means it will only get worse. As the corrupt people in charge will not stop until we the people make them stop. Fredrick Douglass explains this well...

I myself am not a doctor, and all I can do is the same as you. Find as much information as possible about what is going on and then make a decision. Now it is important to note, that not all healthcare workers or government employees are trying to hide this information. Many of them are scared, they will lose their jobs, and be ridiculed for the rest of their life. Also, many of them do not see what speaking up to their bosses, or the media will do as their bosses and media are the ones that are hiding this information from the public. Thankfully, Project Veritas (an undercover journalism agency) has provided a way for Doctors, Nurses, and other healthcare workers to expose the truth behind what is going on. Below is a video of Jodi O'Malley a federal government employee who is a nurse. She has seen firsthand what is going on, and she knows it is wrong. It is very powerful, and I am so thankful that she has come forward to speak about this.

This video has been out since last night 9/20/21 and Facebook and Instagram are already censoring it saying it is false information. This is complete bull shit (excuse my language), as she was just recording what was happening. She did not make up these patients and their health problems and healthy people do not just develop these sorts of health problems out of nowhere. Here below is another video where they talk about the video being censored.

If this was all about the health of the people they would not be hiding the side effects. People are dying, and not people who are unhealthy and close to death. These people are young, vibrant people who have had no other indications of ill health in their life. One of them Jodi's friend and co-worker had been in what was essentially a covid unit and was completely fine and healthy the whole "pandemic" if you want to call it that. Once she got the vaccine, her health declined quickly and she was dead shortly after. Many people say to me when I bring up concerns that I am not a doctor, and I am not a scientist. Well, there are many healthcare workers and scientists who have come forward against this. How come we do not listen to them? Do you really think they would risk their jobs that they have spent years of schooling and thousands of dollars to get for nothing? They have no monetary incentives, unlike the people who are staying quiet and hiding the information. I will add more links to others speaking out, and patients speaking out who have been harmed by the vaccine below. Please listen and consider that they do not have agendas, and they should not be censored. The media isn't talking about this, and social media is censoring over this. These videos are not from youtube, as youtube is censoring this information. The only reason Project Veritas is on youtube is because they took them to court and won. John Stokes was a Division 1 NCAA College Golfer but will now miss his senior season due to heart disease after taking the Pfizer COVID-19 shots. He claims this is happening to many other student-athletes who are being forced to take the shots, and that someone tried to "buy" his story to keep it quiet. Dr. Joseph Fraiman, Steve Kirsch, and Dr. Jessica Rose come forward in an FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee and explain that the Vaccine is much more harmful than it is protective. In the video they go over statistics about the VAERS reports, however, we know that hospitals are not properly reporting the VAERS reports so the number is actually much higher. Scientists and Doctors around the world speak out against the vaccine Dr. Malone the co-inventor of MRNA (the new technology used in the covid vaccine) warns against the covid vaccine. He is now being erased from the internet. Dr. Judy Wilyman an Australian doctor speaks out about how doctors are being gagged from speaking out against the vaccine.

Dr. Joseph Mercola explains that the CDC is listing Vaccinated deaths as Unvaccinated at the link below. Dr. Jane Ruby reports shocking injuries to large numbers of young children from the experimental injections. A nurse from Australia speaks up about what she has seen in this short clip. This video is a bit older, but even back in December 8th, 2020 many Doctors were warning about this.

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