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Fallacies of the Pandemic

What is really going on with the lockdown and pandemic? When you start to look at everything logically it does not make sense.

Why would they make liquor stores essential business when alcohol weakens your immune system? Why would they recommend toxic hand sanitizers and soaps when they are shown to weaken the body and kill off good bacteria that we need to function properly.

Why haven't I seen one recommendation to eat healthier, and focus on building the immune system? Instead, we see mandates to stay inside when sunlight has been proven to give us vital nutrients that strengthen our immune system.

When you walk into a restaurant you have to wear a mask but as soon as you sit down you are safe from the virus, does this make sense? They said the virus lives on surfaces, and then later on they recanted their statement and decided that it doesn't.

We aren't safe in a group of 10 or more, but we can go to the grocery store and wait in line. They will call out people for going to the beach where they are outside and in the sunlight but they won't call out people for protesting in the streets in massive numbers. You cant go see your loved ones in the hospital but you can purchase toxic fast food.

Where is the science that masks work? If they worked how come we don't use them during flu season? Do you know what the particle size of the virus is? This is important because different masks block out different particle sizes. I recommend you do some research into the particle sizes of covid, or any virus.

When are these lockdown measures going to be considered faulty? The number of overdoses and suicides are increasing dramatically, and people's businesses, the ones they have worked years and years to create, are being shut down and destroyed all for a virus with a 99% survival rate.

What will it take for people to understand that this is not about our health or well being? If it was they would be promoting different things. Things that actually promote immune health. I know the pandemic is a touchy subject for a lot of people, they are afraid and have possibly seen loved ones hurt. This is why it is so important we look at things logically and not from a point of fear.

When we are acting out of fear, we are acting without thinking fully. Our brains jump into flight or fight mode when in fear and our blood rushes to our arms and legs. This means there is less blood in your brain. Yet the media is constantly pushing the fear narrative, it is almost like they do not want us to be thinking about what is going on.

They now are going to be rushing out another toxic vaccine, one that has been rushed and minimally tested. There have been multiple fatalities from the vaccine already, no surprise there. One of the companies producing the vaccine is Johnson and Johnson. A company that produces toxic baby formulas.

People need to wake up and break free from the fear psychosis that has been inflicted upon us. Please take a deep breath, and then continue to rationally think about what is going on. Many will be injured from this vaccine that is coming out and I urge you not to take it. Instead, focus on building your immune system. A healthy immune system is the best defense against any virus or disease.

I have made plenty of posts about building a healthy immune system, check them out at my websites blog section.

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