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Fitting In With Self-Sabotage

When we achieve more than the people around us, our subconscious mind sabotages our success so we will still fit in. Why would it do this you ask? Its to keep us safe inside the tribe. You see we are tribal beings, and 1000 years ago there was safety in a tribe. If you walked out on your own and had to fend for yourself and find a place to sleep, your chances of survival went down drastically. Our instincts have not changed since then even though our lives have changed substantially. Now we can easily go on our own and support ourselves and find a place to stay.

Understanding how our subconscious mind works is the best way to overcome the self-sabotage that comes with it. I would love to help you understand the subconscious, and identify limiting beliefs. Together we can make a game plan to overcome self-sabotage in your life so you can truly Power Up. Message me, about a free consultation through skype or zoom if you are interested!

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