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My Dog Sadie

This post is about Sadie, Maddie and I's fur child. If you are wondering what kind of dog she is; she is mostly border collie, chesapeake bay retriever, golden retriever, and a mix of other breeds. She looks like a wild dog and is so unique with her coat and different colored eyes (blue and brown).

Some would say we spoil her, however, we do everything we can to promote health in our selves, and for our sweet Sadie. We want Sadie to live a healthy and long life, and we take these actions to make it a reality. You can see our food process below, I forgot to mention in the video that we cook the meat with coconut oil and then add Tumeric and Rosemary. Tumeric is great for overall wellness and joint function and Sadie likes the flavor. She loves coconut oil and it contributes to her having a healthy super-soft coat!

We are always told how soft her fur is. I believe the flea and tick medicine and our shampoo help with that as well. I also added a picture of some of the products we use on Sadie. We have the Perio Support and Plaque Off Powder that we add to her food in the morning which are great natural options for keeping a dog's teeth clean. On top of that, we brush her teeth with toothpaste she can consume and consists of coconut oil, black seed oil, parsley, activated hardwood charcoal powder, cinnamon, and baking soda. She does not enjoy the toothbrushing process however she loves the flavor so she will comply. We then use a puppy shampoo because it has limited ingredients (no parabens or dyes); purified water, coconut, salt, oats, and aloe leaf. This leaves her smelling like coconuts, Maddie and I really enjoy it.

I have also added some pictures of her beds (she has many) that Maddie made for her. Maddie used old pillows and got cloth/fabric to make the beds. Sadie has taken over the guest bed and our living room chair as well. We also have customized the car setup. Sadie used to be very scared of the car and would shake. With an old love seat cushion, on top of a bridge, she is sturdy and loves the car now. Maddie also makes homemade treats for Sadie using simple organic ingredients. One of Sadies favorites is made with peanut butter, coconut oil, and banana, and is formed with silicone molds.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the life of our little princess, Sadie. Let me know what you thought!

If you support vaccinations, it is important to consider over-vaccination in pets and humans because lives are in danger. Keep an open mind while watching the links I have below.

Dr. John Robb risks his license and his life to get this information out.

A quick clip of a veterinarian in a court case fighting for dogs lives.

This is the full video of the court case with Dr. John Robb.

This video goes over the schedule for vaccines for our pets.

Dr. Becker and Dr. Robb discuss over-vaccination in pets and how Mars the candy company is involved.

What are Titers? This video goes over what Titers are.

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