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My Self-Sabotage Story

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

From my early years in high school into college and for multiple years afterward my daily actions were sending me towards an early death. I was drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana every day, eating toxic food, avoiding working out, and just all around sabotaging my health and my life. I was a mess, and I thought that was who I was and what life was meant to be: pain and struggle. I never got a job with my degree after college, and I felt I had made a huge mistake. I was working a job that required me to work the night shift and it was taking a toll on my life and health. I was extremely tired all the time, and I was struggling to make enough money for rent. My life wasn’t what I was expecting it to be, and worse off I was in credit card debt. That was rock bottom, I was constantly filling my body full of toxins and on top of the credit card debt, I had my student loans. It felt like I was trapped and that I was indeed a failure.

I was embarrassed and disappointed in myself that I was in this situation and was scared to tell my parents. Luckily, they were understanding when I had called, and my mother (Marina) threw out a lifeline and said, “You are always welcome to stay with us, honey”. Maddie (my girlfriend at the time, now wife) and I talked about our options. Before long Maddie and I decided to move into my parents’ house so we wouldn’t be consumed by debt. We were both very thankful to have a place to go to get back on our feet, however, I don’t believe anyone truly wants to move back in with their parents especially with a significant other. It felt like we were regressing by moving in with my parents, and I felt like I had let Maddie down. I knew we had to do this so we could survive, and it turned out to be the exact thing I needed to wake up.

When I started living with my parents again, I was unemployed and had a lot of free time. Thankfully, I started to do some research on healthy lifestyles. I found a man named Paul Chek, and another named Jason Christoff. From them, I had learned why my life was where it was and started to see there was a way out. The turning point was when I realized I was using drugs, junk food, and negative thinking to hold myself back because it was familiar. It’s not that I was addicted to drugs or junk food, I was addicted to a destructive lifestyle. Being sober and facing life head-on is not something very common in our society, and it frightened me.

If you fell into the same trap it is not your fault, it is the design of the system. Every TV show and movie are based on dysfunction. Alcohol, caffeine, and other drugs are shown constantly in every TV show, movie, and advertisement because the more we see it the more familiar it is to us. The subconscious can’t tell the difference between a TV screen and real life. The advertisers and the government know this and use it against us. Our subconscious minds seek what is familiar and our society promotes disease, dysfunction, and drugs. It may seem like there is no way out of it, however, there are ways to break free from the cycle. I know this because I broke free from it.

I learned to overcome my self-sabotage by surrounding myself with others who are promoting a healthy lifestyle. Not only did I learn the information, I put it into practice so I can also live a healthy life. Some of the things I did were; eating organic, removing toxins from my life, filtering my water, use positive self-talk, started an exercise routine, and started to practice meditation. All these things I did were extremely helpful, however the most important was when I came to understand how the subconscious brain works. If we don’t understand how our limiting beliefs work and why they were formed within our subconscious mind, then there is no chance to overcome what is holding us back. Your subconscious mind will work against you and you will experience what I call self-sabotage. Understanding the subconscious brain is extremely important and will help tremendously if you are wanting to make positive lifelong changes.

You can do the same, and I can help fast track your progress in only two hours of coaching with me. Together we will use the methods that are used against us, to break free from self-sabotage! Reach out to me if you too would like to stop your self-sabotage, allowing you to take control of your life and your subconscious mind. You are already powerful; you just need to remember who you are. Power Up, the time is now!

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