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Pain is a Teacher

Why does our society believe that pain is to be avoided and sedated?

I used to dull my senses with drugs, alcohol, and technology just so I didn’t have to face my pain. For others, this could look like living the busiest of lifestyles, going from task to task, from morning until night, not allowing themselves to stop and think or feel, because they do not want to feel, remember, or even embrace their pain. And pain can be physical, emotional, or spiritual – it’s different for everyone and is tied to our unique experiences and lives. Once I finally removed those distractions and face my pain, I learned my pain was trying to tell me something.

Pain is a great motivator; it teaches us that we need to change something about our life. The change could be something like a relationship, your job, your health, etc… If you listen to pain and understand it, then it acts as fuel to drive you towards a better place. When you avoid pain, you stay in a cycle of sedating or ignoring your pain because you never truly make changes to better your life.

Stop sabotaging yourself from attaining your best life and decide to face the pain head-on. This is not an easy task, however, staying in that cycle of pain for your whole life is not easy either. If you break free from the cycle, you can create something better.

There is a way to make this process easier, and it has to do with understanding your subconscious mind, so it does not work against you. You see the subconscious mind is drawn to the familiar, and it will do everything it can to keep things familiar. I can help you Power Up your life and break the cycle of sedation by using the most powerful part of your brain (your subconscious).

DM me or email me if you would like to schedule your free strategy call where I can explain how this information can benefit your life.

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