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Thinking Logically About The Pandemic

I have made a video that covers most of the same points. In the article, I do go more in-depth and at the bottom of the page, I have links to studies and other videos/articles that are saying the same thing as me.

One of my goals is to shed light on things that do not make sense, especially when others are staying silent. When you are reading this try to keep an open mind and think logically about what I am saying. At the end of the article, I have links to studies and different doctors who are saying the same thing as I am.

Let’s start with masks. It is common sense that when you cover up your mouth and nose you are restricting airflow in and out of your mouth. If you put something over the tailpipe of your car, the car would start to have problems, this is the same for our nose and mouth. Our bodies need oxygen to function and if that oxygen gets reduced, we start to see problems.

Masks have not been proven to be effective in stopping the spread of the Corona virus or any other respiratory illness. The box they come in states this, and this is why we do not wear a mask during flu season. Does this make sense?

The particle size of the virus is much smaller than what the N-95 mask filters out, let alone the homemade and surgical masks we see being used. When we had all the fires, they stated that the masks do not protect us from the smoke. Well, the smoke has a much higher particle size than the virus, so how could it protect against the virus? Does this make sense?

These masks are often used multiple times without being washed, and they contain a cesspool of germs and bacteria. In hospitals, they make sure they have sterile, clean masks. They do not reuse them as most people do. Even if you wash them, they are likely to still contain the bacteria inside of them.

Also, let us not forget that wearing these masks has a psychological effect on us, especially children. Seeing a mask tells your mind there is something to be afraid of. When our minds become afraid our bodies switch into flight or fight mode. This causes our blood to rush to our arms and legs, thus leaving less blood in vital organs like the kidneys, liver, and brain. When we have less blood in our brains our capacity to logically think decreases. Less blood in our vital organs causes our immune systems to weaken as well. Beyond the fear they create, masks also affect our mood. We are less likely to see people’s emotions since many emotions are shown through the face. We are seeing a major increase in rates of depression. This affects kids more than adults and can have a deep impact on them for life.

Social distancing and stay at home orders contribute to this depression as well. When we stay at home, we are less likely to get the necessary sunshine that we need throughout the day. Sunshine not only influences our mood but also provides us nutrients that our bodies need to stay strong and operate efficiently. Beyond that not seeing friends, and enjoying their presence influences our moods, and no zoom and skype calls do not provide the same benefit although it is better than nothing.

Next, let’s look at the recommendation of hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps. Having clean hands is good that I agree with. The problem with hand sanitizers and most soaps are the toxic chemicals inside of them that absorb into our skin and create havoc. When we use these toxic products, we are killing off all the good bacteria on our hands because they die much easier than the bad bacteria. The bad bacteria start to form a resistance to it, and soon enough all we have left is an abundance of bad bacteria on our hands which is likely to lead to a skin disorder and other problems inside the body.

One of these chemicals is Triclosan which has negative effects on fertility, fetal development, hormones, our immune system, and rates of asthma. On top of this Triclosan increases the likelihood of bacteria developing resistance to antibiotics like I mentioned before. There are also Parabens and Phthalates in most of these sanitizers and soaps. Phthalates are endocrine disruptors that can affect human body development and reproduction. Parabens are chemicals that can negatively affect the functioning of hormones, fertility, birth outcomes, and reproductive development.

Let’s look at what they consider essential business and see if it makes sense. They shut down gyms, even though exercise has a positive effect on the immune system and mood. They kept liquor stores and fast-food restaurants essential, does this make sense? Alcohol/fast food/junk food destroys the immune system and contributes to depression. While these restrictions have been in place, we have seen an increase in addiction, bad diet, and depression.

We have a pandemic on our hands, but it is not this virus. The three main killers are alcohol, tobacco, and a bad diet. Alcohol kills an estimated 98,000 people every year, tobacco kills an estimated 500,000 and a bad diet kills people at an estimated 8 million a year. I believe this number to be much higher, because alcohol, tobacco, and bad diets lead to a weakened immune system, disease, and death.

Now let’s look at the test they use to determine if we have the virus. They use the RT-PCR test. The inventor of the test Kerry Mullis has stated…

“PCR is just a process that allows you to make a whole lot of something out of something. It doesn’t tell you that you are sick, or that the thing that you ended up with was going to hurt you or anything like that.”


“PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers. Although there is a common misimpression that the viral load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all. The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.”

This is the exact test they are using to determine if we have the virus or not. They are using the test in the wrong way and are taking our freedoms while doing it. People's businesses the ones that they have worked for years and years to build are closing for nothing. This should really upset you. People's lives are being destroyed, addiction/depression are skyrocketing, and the mandates are only making our problems worse.

Even if the test was a good way to determine if someone has the virus, they are inflating the numbers. When someone has cancer, and they are going to die if they had the virus it is labeled as a death from the virus. George Floyd the man that died during an arrest was labeled as a coronavirus death. There are many more examples of this, think logically does this make sense? During this time of the virus, the flu has magically disappeared. Is it because it is gone, or is it because they have labeled every case of the flu as the virus?

The mandates and restrictions they are putting into place are doing more harm than good. How about they mandate something that actually helps build the immune system if they are that worried about our health. They could mandate one hour of sunshine for everyone. They could mandate everyone eats a healthy organic diet. I personally do not like the idea of the government mandating anything, instead, I would like to see them recommend these things and talk about how beneficial it would be to protect oneself from viruses and disease instead of promoting masks, toxic hand soaps and sanitizers, and social distancing.

The agencies we have in place like the FDA, are supposed to protect us from harmful substances but we still see grocery stores, gas stations, vending machines, and restaurants full of toxic crap. They could ban all pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides from being used on our crops. They could ban food additives, artificial flavorings, colorings, and preservatives. They could ban alcohol and tobacco. These things have a serious effect on our immune systems, overall health, and mood. Yet they are all allowed to pass through.

I see many people talking about the upcoming vaccine. This vaccine will hurt and damage a lot of people in the name of “safety” and “health”. It has already damaged and killed people during the trials that they rushed through. They have companies like Johnson and Johnson working on it that also produce toxic baby food. You cannot inject health into you. It is something you build. Aborted fetal cells, formaldehyde, thimerosal (mercury), aluminum and other toxic ingredients should never be injected in the body. These are common ingredients in most vaccines and am sure they are in the covid vaccine. I do not recommend any vaccines, because they are all harmful to the body and not needed to protect it. Once again building your immune system is much more important.

When you are thinking logically about the mandates and enforcements, they do not make sense. The best way to defend yourself from viruses and disease is to build your immune system. Next time you are about to drink that beer, eat the McDonalds burger, or have the snickers bar think about your immune system. The actions you take every day determine your health. If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.

Remember we can change the world but first, we must start with ourselves, and then help change others around us! You are the only one who has power over your health. Choose to live a healthy life, choose to Power Up!

German world-renowned neurologist Margareta Griesz-Brisson warns masks cause oxygen deprivation and permanent neurological damage, especially in the developing brains of children.

Fauci comes out on the 60-minute overtime interview explaining that masks do not provide the protection people think they do.

Effects of surgical and FFP2/N95 face masks on cardiopulmonary exercise capacity

This article has some good information about the particle sizes of the viruses compared to the masks we wear. It also has links to studies that back up the information.

This is the study that talks about Triclosan and the negative health effects of the chemical often found in hand sanitizers.

Dr. Tom Cowan stalks about different studies that show vulnerable people are MORE likely to get sick if people around them are WEARING MASKS

Dr. Tom Cowan talks about studies that show masks cause higher rates of infections and disease

Dr. Tom Cowan explains why the PCR test is not a valid diagnostic tool

Dr. Tom Cowan explains why The ‘Test Everybody’ strategy has no scientific validity whatsoever.

This is what Kary Mullis the creator of the RT-PCR test says about how it's being used to determine if someone has a virus or not.

This article explains and links a study from the CDC where they admit that they have never fully isolated this virus. Read the study and confirm for yourself.

The president of Tanzania came out and talked about how they tested fruit, and goats and they came back positive. He says “there is a dirty game being played with these tests”.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman talks about how everything that is happening is a push to take away our freedoms and push vaccines on us. He states they want to genetically modify us with the vaccine for COVID-19, it is a new form of vaccine where they inject genes into us. Please give it a listen, he explains how it is supposed to work.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman has a full interview about the COVID-19 pandemic and the science behind the virus hosted by London Real.

This video uses biochemistry to debunk cornoa.

At this link Dr. Tim O’Shea offers a $5000 dollar reward for anyone who can prove COVID exists and he also explains why it doesn’t exist and why the current COVID tests can’t test for COVID what so ever…

This is another article that goes into depth about why the PCR test does not work and it has many links to articles and studies.

This is a great video where Spiro Skouras talks about the PCR test.

Kelly Brogan MD talks about how Community is Immunity.

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