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Why Take The Risk?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Please take the time to understand what risks you take if you get injected. This was posted by the FDA/CDC ( I will have the link at the bottom). Some of the possible adverse reactions (side effects) of taking the injection are death, seizures, stroke, autoimmune disease, arthritis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and much more. Remember the manufacturers are not liable, for any damages or deaths, due to the injection.

Why risk it?

If you are worried about the virus, one of the best things you can do is build your immune system. You can eat healthy organic food, cut out junk food (fast food, sodas, candy, chips, etc..), start filtering your water, get more sunshine, get at least 8 hours of sleep, exercise (but don't overdo it), remove toxic products from your life, stop consuming caffeine and alcohol, and there is so much more you can do these are just some of the things that will boost your immune system.

The awesome thing is there are no negative side effects from doing these things, instead you have a plethora of positive effects that will occur. Your mood will be more stable and positive, you will have more energy, you won't get sick as easily, you may lose weight, will be more clear-minded, etc...

I know making these changes can be tough, it can feel like we are stuck making the same choices. Just look at all the people who join a gym and then never go, say they want to lose weight and then eat fast food, tell themselves they want to stop drinking, and then find themselves with a bottle in hand. There is a reason that making these changes is hard.

There is an immensely powerful part of our mind that clings on to the familiar and will do anything to keep things the same. It often influences our actions and thoughts and causes us to sabotage our progress towards our goals and dreams. Understanding this part of the mind can help us understand why we self-sabotage.

I will be hosting a seminar that covers this information on January 23rd on Zoom. If you are interested, email me at to get on the invite list.

If you know you will not be able to make it, email me and let me know you would like the recording to be sent out to you. I recommend attending the seminar because if you have any questions I will be able to answer them for you!

If you want to start learning now, check out my website. I have a blog section where I have written many pieces talking about self-sabotage.

Email me at to get on the list for the Seminar!

Scroll about halfway down to find the featured slide.

Doctors around the world speak out against the COVID-19 vaccine at this link to bitchute.

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