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Why The Majority Of People Do Everything In Their Power To Avoid Wealth, Health, And Love

Self-sabotage is based on a need to fit into our surroundings so that we are “safe”. We will mimic those around us because we feel safer in a group. When we start to break free and change, a part of our mind does everything in its power to bring us back to the familiar. You see for thousands of years doing what everyone else was doing was the best way to stay safe and survive as long as possible.

Today our minds still work the same, however, the situation is very different. Today the population, and media around us are negative. This means we will be drawn to negative lifestyles. You can see this is true because we are seeing the highest rates of debt, disease, obesity, depression, and addiction that we have ever seen.

A great example is this man who won the lottery. He gained so much money, and suddenly he was not part of his tribe anymore. He did not fit in, and so his mind went to work to make him “safe” again. He spent all his $15 million on drugs, gambling, and prostitutes. He could have easily just invested a portion of it, and he would have been set for life. He didn’t know about this part of the mind, just like the majority of the world.

The subconscious mind is very powerful. It makes up 90% of our total brainpower. Its main goal like I stated before was safety. If everyone around you is sick, poor, and unhappy it will do everything in its power to achieve the same. This may look like, picking a fight with your significant other, getting into a car crash, drinking every night, spending all of your money on drugs, etc… The subconscious is very creative and it influences our conscious thoughts and actions to achieve its main goal of safety.

When the majority of society is overweight, broke, and unhappy the children will be drawn to the same. We are now in a cycle of self-sabotage and many people feel stuck. I know I felt stuck for the longest time and I didn’t understand why. I tried everything to make positive changes in my life, but I kept coming back to the negative. You see the subconscious will always seek negativity if it is surrounded by it. However, there are ways to reprogram your subconscious mind to work towards any life you want.

Think of the subconscious mind as a supercomputer… There are many codes and programs inside of it that are running based on your surroundings and past experiences. You can reprogram your supercomputer so that it starts to run wealth, health, and abundance building programs. You do not need to struggle as I did. If you are looking to break free from the self-sabotage cycle and you would like to learn how to reprogram your mind email me at

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