Self-sabotage is knowing something is wrong but doing it anyway.


    For example: 


  • Going out to eat fast food when you are trying to eat healthily 

  • Grabbing another drink when you are trying to quit or cut back

  • Spending your money on something you don't need 

  • Eating a whole tub of ice cream, or a bag of chips 

  • Choosing to watch tv instead of working out, or working on your dreams

  • Numbing your pain instead of changing what is causing it

  • Going to sleep in the morning/waking up in the afternoon, etc...

  • Picking a fight with your friends or family because things are going too well

  • Avoiding a new job offer because it scares you and you want to stick with something familiar

  • Arguing with your spouse

  • Playing video games all day instead of what you need to be doing

  • Speaking negatively about yourself


Another way to explain self-sabotage is using all of your time and energy to live a life you don't want, thus letting your dreams and goals fall to the wayside.

Staying mediocre, and sick is a full-time job, many people use all of their energy to stay in the same spot they have always been and then have nothing left for their dreams and goals. They feel stuck and don't understand why they are drawn to continue the same routine day in and day out. If you feel this way, understand you are not alone.


I was stuck in that exact same place until I understood why I was drawn to that lifestyle. I can give you everything you need so that you too can break free from this destructive cycle and finally start to work towards your dreams and goals. I don't want you to have to struggle through the self-sabotage the same way I did.


Together we can make achieving your dreams and goals a reality, and a much simpler task than you have ever imagined.